Lady Sophie, a self-avowed spinster, has been happy with her independence for many years...that is until Lord Benton-Black enters her world.  Now she finds her nights haunted by this man who is determined to seduce her and make her his wife.
His cruel hands held her down, pinning her to the feather mattress in her own bedchamber.  Lady Sophie struggled with all her strength until she was completely tangled up in the flimsy material of her nightrail.  In desperation, she choked on a sob.  There was nothing she could do...nothing, but submit.

What a fate for the daughter of an earl!  Though her father had never cared to spend more than a few moments a year in her presence, she had always had the protection of his name...but perhaps she not even had that any longer.  He was gone now.  He had died over a year ago, leaving her the London town house and her mother's jewels...neither of which could help her escape this nightmare.

His face was hidden in the shadows, yet she knew his identity without question.  He was the same gentleman who had followed her across Hyde Park when she'd gone riding with Lord Griffon last Tuesday.  His dark gaze had troubled the back of her neck until she'd turned and spotted him.  There were other times she had caught him, lurking like a phantom, watching her as she flitted from one man's arm to another.  His heavy brows always furrowed.  His lips always pulled into a deep frown.

Was it a month ago now that he'd brashly entered her parlor during an at-home?  She'd swiftly refused his advances and turned him out.

And now he had returned and was her bed.

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"The story was so satisfying, so perfect....Put this right on your "To Be Bought" list. You won't be disappointed, either." ~5 Hearts~
--Glenda K. Bauerle, The Romance Studio 

"This reader was absolutely stunned by the perfect pen Ms. McFalls used to craft this carnal historical! The eloquent and erotic word weaving is some of the best writing this reader has read in years. Ms. McFalls starts with a novel premise, then adds in resoundingly sensuous characters to complete this torrid historical....If you are thirsting for a superb erotic historical, rush to Venus Press today and procure your copy of Lady Sophie's Midnight Seduction by Dorothy McFalls. This reviewer will be waiting anxiously for the next story Ms. McFalls pens to return to her fresh and lush style of writing."
~5 Hearts~
--Janalee, Love Romances

"Deliciously sensual and gloriously romantic, Lady Sophie's Midnight Seduction is a must read for historical romance addicts everywhere!"
~4.5 Stars~
--Julie Bonello,

"...packs an erotic punch."
~4 Angels~
--Susan T., Fallen Angel Review

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